<html> <head> <title> Guy Knigstein | Pomegranate Juice </title> </head> <body> <div align="center"> <p style="font-family:tahoma; font-size:13px; color:grey"> <br/> <a style="text-decoration:none; color:grey" href="http://www.guykoenigstein.com"> home </a> | <a style="text-decoration:none; color:grey" href="http://www.guykoenigstein.com/projects.html"> projects </a> | <a style="text-decoration:none; color:grey" href="http://www.guykoenigstein.com/info.html"> info </a> </p> <br/><br/> <p style="font-family:tahoma; font-size:15px; color:black"> Pomegranate Juice </p> <p style="font-family:tahoma; font-size:12px; color:grey"> October 2012 - January 2013 </p> <br/> <p style="font-family:tahoma; font-size:12px; color:black"> <iframe style="display:none;" src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/174953237?autoplay=1" width="545" height="408" frameborder="0"></iframe> What's between archaeology and eating a pomegranate? <br/><br/><br/> <img border=0 src="pomegranate-juice00.jpg" style="width:500px; height:335px" alt="Pomegranate Juice"/> <br/><br/> <img border=0 src="pomegranate-juice04.jpg" style="width:500px; height:335px" alt="Pomegranate Juice"/> <br/><br/> </p> <p style="font-family:times new roman; font-size:15px; color:black"> <i> & there was this guy there, and he was selling pomegranate juice. He didn't cut the skin, <br/> nor struggled with the small seeds. He would simply cut the fruit into two and press it in <br/> his dirty and sticky juice-press into this impressive red juice.<br/><br/> The moment I finished drinking this intense cup of juice I understood something; I understood<br/> that I am done with this pomegranate-archaeology; that I am done with the past.<br/><br/> I am now into <b>juice</b>. <br/><br/> I am now into the future; excavating the future. </i> <br/><br/><br/> <img border=0 src="pomegranate-juice05.jpg" style="width:400px; height:598px" alt="Pomegranate Juice"/> </p> </div> </body> </html>