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Dear past, what would it take to throw you off balance?

April - November 2019

Commissioned to create new work with digitized materials from the Dutch National Architecture Archive,
I found myself strolling through an immense spatial maze of foreign pasts, wondering: how can I relate?

A handful of historical photographs of silent empty spaces - conference rooms, staircases, corridors or other
domestic and communal premises - seemed to provide a stage for experimentation. And thus, assuming the role
of an uncalled guest (or a harmless ghost) I decided to break through the two-dimensionality, and to walk in.

Allowing the friction caused by this time-journey to echo, my endeavour resulted in a series of sound works paired
with the original photographs. Each work proposes a way to inhabit the space or activate its objects, while the
gap between what is “seen” and what is “heard” invites to rethink these places and their contemporary relevance.

Dear Past

This project was developed during the Open Archive trajectory of the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision
in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam (installation view by Johannes Schwartz).